AMS specializes in WaterJet Machining. Notice we say "machining" and not "cutting". That's because our machine's "Dynamic" WaterJet nozzle uses 4th and 5th-axis control. With this technology, we minimize part taper and are able to produce parts that 3-axis machines cannot. This, combined with our experience in fixturing, enables us to easily hold tolerances of 0.005" or better.

Our waterjet has a working envelope of 118" x 78" (3m x 2m), which is larger than most waterjets. This gives us the capability to handle much larger parts and materials than most of our competitors.

For machining parts made from Aluminum, Inconel, Titanium, Tool Steel and Stainless Steel, Abrasive High Pressure WaterJet Machining is hard to beat: We produce exceptionally high quality, close tolerance parts.

One of the most important benefits of a WaterJet is its ability to machine material without the heat caused by the friction generated in most other methods. This is especially important when processing metals, where excessive heat can harm and change the intrinsic properties of the metal rendering areas close to the cut useless.

Another benefit of waterjets is the capability to cut accurate, clean edges that allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap of raw materials - saving you money!

Aside from metal, we can process rubber, foam, plastics, rubber, leather, composites, stones, ceramics, tiles, paper, and even food and achieve a satin-smooth edge on all of these.

We produce parts of high quality with minimal variation from part to part. Utilizing water only, we can produce parts that exceed your expectations and reduce your costs.

Click the links below to watch videos of our Waterjet machining Titanium and 4 lb XLPE Foam.
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